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Not sure you can define this as a story but this has just been my experience living in Belgium since the start of this pandemic.

Once countries started to lock down Belgium was a part of that, everything shut down from one day to the next. We were not allowed to move freely within the country, for the first month we could only go outside to exercise (alone) or to go the store or to perform your job if it could not be done from home. Movement outside of your house for any other reason was not allowed. Thousands of elderly and sick people spend their last weeks alone waiting to die, locked up in nursing homes trapped with the virus inside. Caregivers too afraid to give proper care, having no idea how to properly handle this situation. I am convinced hundreds of elderly people died simply because of improper care and locking them up inside with the virus.

From the very start I had a hard time with the rules, why was I not allowed to drive 20km away from my house to visit a nice park? “Its too dangerous” By then we already knew a bit about the virus and nothing they said made any sense.

At first we didn’t have to wear masks, then suddenly it became mandatory to wear masks.. how? why? how can anyone believe these things will actually protect them. At first masks were not provided by government so people made their own at home masks, that do absolutely nothing to protect anything but you had to do it if you wanted to be a part of life.

And the crazy rules continued, using terms like ‘bubble of 1′ that’s right, we were allowed one contact to talk to, that’s it. Track and tracing apps, people forced to self quarantine if in contact with a PCR test positive person, people getting 250€ tickets because not wearing a mask, or being to close to other people, or going too far from their house..

Then curfew came, not allowed to be outside between 22h and 5am.

In a matter of months our country went from a democratic free country to a to totalitarian state. Every aspect of our life was controlled by the government, we were only allowed to breathe, live and move if they gave the ok to do so.

Our borders closed for several months, then reopened and then closed again and have now been closed for 4-5 months. We are not allowed to leave the country, curfew is still there, stores closed, forced masks, massive testing, vaccine propaganda.

There is very heavy censorship on anything and anyone who speaks out about what is going on.

The media is completely controlled by the government, they are not allowed to write anything that goes against the narrative that they are trying to force.

Recently the Belgium state has been convicted in the court of Brussels that the current corona measurements are not lawful. The trial started from a humans rights party. The government responded by stating they will change and add things to the law making everything they currently do lawful.

Life in the past year has been absolutely tragic living in a totalitarian state like this, now there is talk about vaccine passports.

My country seems obsessed with the vaccine. They have always said it’s the only solution to this problem, and that we will return to normal once enough people get vaccinated. They are basically selling the vaccine as a ticket to freedom. And after a year like this many people are eager to get that ticket not knowing what the vaccine means for them.

The state is basically forcing a vaccine experiment on their entire population with the idea that if enough people do it, they will be free again.

It is all nonsense, lies. And its all you hear on tv, radio..

What I’  m most afraid of is how many people believe and follow this narrative, completely brainwashed.

I look at my country (and most parts of the world) as a big cult that formed and they have specific rules and ideas that you need to follow to be a part of it. And if you don’t want to be a part of it they will find a way to make your life even more miserable. Denying you every basic human right you have.

I don’t know where the future will take my country, but it’s not looking good.
I decided a long time ago where I draw the line in the sand and for me its simple:
No vaccine, No testing, No tracing, No mask.

If the situation here gets too bad I will look into options of leaving this country but I will not be dictated on how and when I can live my life and I will not be a part of a medical trial for no reason other than to make big pharma rich.

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