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I have two little children and a dog. Over the last year I’ve been really baffled by how people think it’s ok to muzzle their two, three, four, five, etc year old humans, but not their dog. I keep thinking that if such regulations came out, there would be much more of an uproar among dog owners than there currently seems to be among parents of young children. I shudder every time I hear fully masked parents at the playground sharing ‘tricks’ on how to keep the mask on their toddler. I recently saw as father on a residential street forcing a mask on a little girl as she screamed and tried to rip it off repeatedly. It feels really wrong, on every level. I haven’t masked my children since the beginning and with time I find that I need to advocate for them more and more. It’s only getting harder as the majority of people have accepted it as the ‘norm’.

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