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Unedited, uncensored stories and comments sent to PANDA by members of the public.

Dear Friends
I feel I have seen the worst crimes against my fellow human beings during my lifetime in the last year and this relates to many people who I was personally attached to and felt responsibility for through my work.
I am a natural therapist practising, amongst other things, Massage, Aromatherapy and Nutritional Therapy to private individuals, particularly the elderly and vulnerable people both in their own homes and in Residential Care and Nursing Homes.
Although my career has been destroyed and my livelihood has all but disappeared by the disproportionate response to a virus ( I haven’t been allowed by the rules to work for over a year,) my primary concern has been for my clients, mostly elderly people now living in fear. Their health dramatically declining because of the restrictions not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What I have witnessed occurring to elderly people in care homes is beyond anything I could ever have imagined.
The isolation and the appalling treatment of sick vulnerable people who I used to care for has caused my own mental depression and feelings of disempowerment as I have been physically unable to help them having been barred from visiting them in care homes or they are too distressed to allow me to visit them at home.
The destruction of NHS services has left my own elderly father unable to access treatment for a number of issues and left him alone as his own family close by were afraid to attend to his needs because of their own fear.
I have a 14 year old son in the first year of his GCSE’s who has lost a year of education in school. He has been unable to access the science labs and the workshops in school as the year groups have been separated and the school is operating in a series of bubbles where the children are not able to mix. Masks are mandatory in communal areas and testing has been strongly recommended. There is a sense that if a child is not able to participate in these measures that they are putting others at risk. They comply because of peer pressure and through fear.
The stress of the measures has lead to unusual arguments amongst family members who have never been under these anxieties before. The worst thing is the separation and the sense of being ill even if one is well. I HATE SUPERMARKETS. I am unable to wear a mask for health reasons and have been subjected to the worst treatment being called names and blamed for the spread of the virus because of my actions. I feel compelled to wear a mask even though I have an exemption.
And we are still living in this HELL. This is HELL. I have been suicidal during the past year. If I feel like this I am not surprised that I hear of those who have taken extreme measures to end the misery.
My father is 82 has said that “This is not Living” His health has deteriorated because he has been unable to access the activities that once gave him the will to live. I am devastated by the effects of the lockdowns. I see no end to the misery and wonder each day how I can go on living like this. It is like waiting to die.
I see no hope for the future of my son. I see medical tyranny and totalitarianism at its worst and it happened within a year.
I am not afraid of the virus or any other virus but I am afraid of the way people have reacted like a herd of sheep that has brought this misery to bear.

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