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It was 24th of March 2020 6:45am I woke up early morning to prepare our breakfast me and my wife used to get up early morning for work. Then I try to wake up my wife and she responded to me that she’s not feeling well and asked her why? What’s wrong Hun she said I’m tiered, I weak and my throat starting to get itching and a few coughing. I told her to call our nursing home that she will call for a sick. That week our manager and a nurse and my wife was in the office and the office was outside the nursing home and the UK weather in March was unpredictable and office was warm temperature and when you go out it’s cold and a bit rain that day and also we have two residents have a bad temperature with symptoms of Covid, that time Covid was already in the news and we from the nursing home are awareness about this virus. Our manager and nurse and my wife have the same experience of symptoms of Covid and I told to my wife because you got your symptoms from the office in and out many times warm and cold sudden change of temperature and month of March is always a flu or high temperature and coughing this are the month of illness I should say to my wife and I’ve seen this to our residents starting end of January, February and March are critical of illness specially the vulnerable adults. Also I keep calling my parents and check them about this Covid don’t worry just don’t watch anymore the news. Then my Wife didn’t go for work that day and I went for work a long day shift and our two residents are full bloom of symptoms of virus and most of the time I check this two residents because they are both close to me and I want to observe them both one is 100yrs old and the other one is 89yrs. For one week my wife was not able to go for work because of bad temperatures and symptoms on and off she needs a quarantine and I stayed with her also for quarantine I slept with her together in bed I prepared food for her every day and our distance was never been far I don’t want to be out of her sights. Then 1st of April night before she confined to the hospital in RD&E Exeter around 2a.m she call the hot line for doctor advise and my wife able to spoke to the doctor in charge about her condition and I was a bit panic because my wife wants to go to the hospital but the doctor said it’s just a normal symptoms you check your temperature every hour and if the temperature is not going down call again and please take paracetamol doctor advise and my wife breathing is not normal already but still no ambulance doctor said just calm down. Then me and my wife followed doctor advise and my wife slept from 4am to 8am then she woke up I was at the kitchen I need to prepare the food for us specially for her to recover her strength slowly or at least something food to her stomach just to keep her going better I hope but when I came up to see her she was told by her sister to call her doctor again and explained her bad conditions and insisted to get ambulance then she told me that ambulance is coming and taking her to hospital at around 10 to 11am so I was shocked and scared what will happen to her in the hospital with all the news was terrible and horrible most patients that goes to the hospital are died because of Covid and they said in hospital of RD&E are very busy because of this pandemic a lot of patients of Covid but I said to my wife why I never have any symptoms which I was with you for a week already and nothing happened to me I’m strong just keep doing a normal life eat healthy foods and not watching news I said to her I even told her don’t go to the hospital and even me can’t visit you no one knows what will happen to you please stay and cancel the hospital. Ambulance arrived and my wife taken 11am I was also interviewed by ambulance people about my conditions and I said I’m 100% alright. Then I waited a call from my wife and I messaged her to give me a call once she speaks to the doctor she said that she will be confined and have a Covid test around 5pm I asked her where are you now and she said I’m here at the Covid ward in RD&E. I asked her a lot of things and I remember is there any Covid patients with you in that ward she replied only two me and another old lady I told her I thought a lot of Covid patients in hospital of Exeter but it was not like that busy but I heard from someone the hospital of Exeter is full of Covid patients wrong information and news again. My manager keep checking me if my wife called already about the test results for Covid we are waiting for the results.Then around 8:30pm my wife called me that she is positive of Covid-19 and I was devastated by the result and I cried to her because of this Covid I might not see her again my mind was not normal of thinking so desperate to see and get her out to the hospital and I was totally confused, hopeless and stressed anything goes to my mind are negative thoughts and I said to my wife why not me. Then after 5 days I back to work but not yet ready mentally because our nursing home have three Covid patients most of the staff’s are off sick they said they have symptoms or their scared to go for work because we have a Covid infection residents so we are four staff working at that time in 6 days and my wife came back after 14 days and she said that was her second life. Time and days past I keep working even the Covid still there I told my manager our residents needs more help more than ever and it’s time to give myself to them and I don’t even scared of this Covid my faith to God was in me and my shield is God I’m protected of Holy Spirit that’s the only motivation I have to keep going and help this vulnerable people and you can’t even imagine how hard to take care 29 residents with Covid patients but in God’s way I been tested and challenged all wrong information and guidelines sometimes makes you confused every week luckily I also have Covid test every week and the results was negative every time I have tested.I felt blessed and I never been scared in my life afterwards for one year of pandemic up to now it’s just passing through day to day to me. My experiences and observations all this happening COVID is a political agenda and media and religion. The lessons I learned never give up and put trust in God and love your self.


Respect and love to vulnerable people……we are created for something that you need to discover who you are in this world.

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