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I am a middle class widowed, retired mother and daughter. The impact of the lockdown and other Covid 19 policies has affected my family directly, my adult child of 36 has lost their job in an industry which will take years to recover if ever, the only option is to move back in with me and retrain in something else at great expense, the mental health effect is that this once confident independent adult now suffers depression and requires medical help, my mom who is 91 yrs of age has declared that she would rather die than remain isolated from her family, a sentiment shared by all her friends, My family is not unique and most are in worse situations yet being law abiding we have all complied to the requirements and we now know that we have been sold-out by misguided, self-serving politicians aided by money hungry media, intentionally blind to their accountability and the devastation being caused. The end game will not be pretty.

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