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Three weeks ago I lost my business due to the lockdown restrictions. It was a business that me &amp;amp; my business partner, Dave, had spent most of our working lives preparing for. We specialised do in engine parts for racing motorcycles. The loss of the business left us £400,000 in debt. We closed the business on the Friday. At 1am on the Sunday morning Dave’s daughter phoned me to say that she had come home from a night out with her boyfriend to find her Dad hanging in the hallway. I’m an old soldier, I’ve witnessed some horrible stuff. This is up there as one of the worst because it was totally unnecessary and pointless. We were just two honest hard working guys with twelve staff. Dave’s daughter &amp;amp; boyfriend have moved in with my family, they had nowhere else to go, and going back home really wasn’t an option. We are working on the debt &amp;amp; it’s possible that it can be substantially reduced however there is no way in my lifetime that I will be able to pay back even a tenth of what I now owe. We had no chance of survival, we were closed down by some really horrible people. The worst bit of all is the damage to the kids. Their future is very damaged but worst of all I can see that they have lost hope. I pray for a miracle.

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