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Big News About Vitamin D, 4 Experts:

This video should be viewed by every doctor, public health administrator and politician, the world over. If COVID-19 doesn’t make the world wake up to the terrible costs of the easily avoided vitamin D deficiency pandemic, I can’t imagine what will. This will be a revolution at least as significant as those of handwashing, sanitation, vaccination, anesthetics, antibiotics, medical imaging and DNA analysis.I think each of the four speakers presented completely cogent cases from different perspectives. Calcifediol in Cordoba, going straight into circulation (no liver delay of a few days) is precisely what those patients need to get their immune cells’ autocrine signalling working again – a magic bullet indeed, when minutes and hours really matter. I totally support Dr Grimes view of the immorality of further RCTs along these lines. What more evidence to people reasonably want? This is a safe and very well researched nutrient, not a drug – and the patients are very deficient.The UK 10ng/ml threshold of deficiency is crazily low. D3 is converted (in the liver, and perhaps elsewhere) into circulating 25OHD. This is converted in the kidneys to circulating 1,25OHD (calcitriol) which is a hormone (long distance signalling via the circulation) – for calcium and bone metabolism. So 25OHD is a pro-hormone for this one hormonal function of vitamin D, with D3 being a pro-pro-hormone. Many types of cell, including especially various immune system cells, use the circulating 25OHD as the feedstock for autocrine (entirely within the cell) signaling. The circulating 25OHD levels need to be 40ng/ml or more for this autocrine signalling to work properly. This aspect of vitamin D – pretty much all the bodily functions for which vitamin D plays a vital role except calcium/bone – is not hormonal.The level of 25OHD is not signalling anything. It is a supply level of a compound which is needed and consumed by autocrine signalling processes of an unknown, but probably quite large, number of cell types, especially of the immune system. 40 to 60ng/ml (100 to 150nmol/L) vitamin D levels are required for proper immune system functioning. There is little vitamin D in food or multivitamins. High elevation sunshine is not available to most people all year round – and causes DNA damage. Average weight people need about 0.125mg (5000IU) D3 a day to attain 50ng/ml. This is a gram every 22 years and the ex-factory cost is USD$2.50 a gram. Good vitamin D levels will somewhat reduce the chance of contracting COVID-19.More importantly these levels greatly reduce the risk of serious symptoms and greatly reduce the rate of vital shedding – so reducing the rate of transmission. If everyone had these levels, then there would be no need for lockdowns, vaccines or masks for COVID-19 and there would be numerous other health benefits, including much less sepsis, ARDS and severe influenza. There would be no need for influenza vaccines either. The reported reduction of risk of COVID-19 infection with higher vitamin D levels is probably not entirely due to an individual’s better protection against a given viral insult.Since there is likely to be some correlation between an individual’s 25OHD level and the levels of all the people they mix with who, if infected, could shed viruses and so potentially infect them, then part of the observed lowered risk would be due to those people, if infected (with higher 25OHD levels) shedding fewer viruses. Likewise some other component of the observations would be due to those people being less likely to become infected. Still, the observations are entirely relevant to the epidemiology of raising everyone’s 25OHD levels.For the latest research, please see Karl Pfleger’s page “Low Vitamin D Worsens COVID-19” and my pages: search Bing or DuckDuckGo, for “Nutrition to reduce COVID-19 serious harm and death”. (Google’s search engine feigns ignorance of my vitamin D COVID-19 pages – censorship, I think.) For an explanation of autocrine signalling, search Bing or DuckDuckGo for my “Vitamin D in autocrine signaling”.This links to an article “An autocrine Vitamin D-driven Th1 shutdown program can be exploited for COVID-19″ Reuben McGregor et al. which describes how lymphocytes from the lungs of hospitalised COVID-19 patients fail to complete their switch from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory programs, due to their autocrine signalling failing due to lack of 25OHD.

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