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I apologize in advance for the length of this post though I think it could be helpful in the end:

In early January 2020, I became ill with what we now understand to be the symptoms of SARS COVID 2; weeks of fatigue, labored breathing, low grade temp lasting ~5 days, chills, severe dry cough, loss of taste and olfactory sense as well as lesser mentioned ophthalmic and neurological and cognitive symptoms. Two doctors and two rounds of amoxycillin later with ZERO improvement.

In March of 2020, all levels of government began a year-long fear-fest aided by every segment of society from ‘news’ media, the social media/tech cabal and even the ‘scientific and medical community’ itself. They have essentially created a public health crisis apart from COVID.

Being of relatively low medical risk, I physically recovered BUT WE as a species have not even begun to seriously acknowledge the catastrophic mental health crisis that is coming our way. Unlike the virus, there will be no vaccine and no advocacy as strong as the force behind keeping the virus ‘alive.’

Fear has been injected into the population using instability, the breakdown of basic human social fibers including but not limited to; disruptions in education and faith-based practices, forced isolation, silencing of even the most educated and expert discourse and crushing basic critical thought and inquiry all leaving a grotesque and terrible imprint. As we know mental illness can also be viral – and intergenerational. This pandemic is in many ways more destructive than it’s host virus. A constant sense of being scrutinized and watched over and the systemic elimination of quality of life spawn and exacerbate unhealthy coping mechanisms leading to a sense of powerlessness and a diminished will to survive.

The voices in power shift policies and outcomes on a daily basis and have made it clear by now that normal will NEVER be normal again. Many speculate it is by design as part of some larger global . Just objective. little more than a year ago I would have thought this a radical and somewhat delusional hypothesis. But now seems at least somewhat plausible.

Corporate and political behemoths have much to gain from the pandemic power structure. When destabilization fails public shaming and punitive actions are the fall backs. History teaches us that once power is gained it is relinquished only by force (often violent).

Now – what does this all have to do with the coming pandemic within the pandemic? How long will hundreds of millions of people go through this without becoming enraged? If not expressed outwardly through civil unrest, domestic violence, child abuse, increase in violent crime, sexual violence etc. the rage will be turned inward leading to depression. Undiagnosed and untreated disorders produce anxiety , PTSD , and a host of other psychological and psychiatric disease. The sufferers use self medication (alcohol, drugs, food, etc) self harm behaviours such as cutting or trichotillomania, Ultimately hopelessness and suicidal ideation take over and finally (in increased number of cases) end in suicide. And the emperors fiddle while Rome burns only occasionally glancing at the ruins.

And what of those millions who pre-pandemic were already suffering with undiagnosed depression? What of those who had pre-existing mental health issues (in treatment or not) such as bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, etc. ALL OF THESE ARE EXACERBATED. Physical illness and loss of loved ones due to death or isolation are triggers

I am not an expert in the academic sense but I have had issues with my own mental health. I am truly fortunate as I was able to access treatment. I have a job that can be done remotely and is relatively stable. I’m aware of just how lucky i am.

What about the others?? This is an urgent call for public health and thought leaders to take action.

Of greatest importance, if you are suffering please try to find help. If you know someone who is struggling on their own or in treatment, check on them. Make a call – just to say ‘Hi.’ If you notice someone seems extremely ‘down’ or out of sorts for more than a couple of days, talk to them. You don’t have to be a therapist but you might want to help them find one.

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