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In 1917, my grandfather, 17, lied about his age so he could enlist in the marines and fight in
WWI. (He was supposed to be at least 18). He was assigned to a platoon. A week before he
was to ship out, he came down with the mumps, so naturally, he wasn’t allowed to go. No one in
his platoon ever returned. Hunh, you never know when a virus might just save your life. Do you?
Ever thought that perhaps being exposed to Covid-19 may actually be beneficial to you in the
future? I mean, after all, this is how we evolved; challenging our immune system so that it would
get stronger. We were not all handed a vaccine and told that taking it was the only way to
survive. On the contrary, our immune systems evolved over thousands of years to handle most
viruses. And 99.98% of humanity is handling SARS CoV-2.
Have we made our immune systems weaker than they were by hiding at home all this time,
social distancing and wearing masks? Yes we absolutely have! Children need to be in contact
with germs to build their immune systems for life. All people need exposure to build up immunity
to any virus, and those that will arise from its mutations. When our bodies are exposed to a
pathogen, our bodies automatically create five to six types of antibodies to protect us from the
next mutations and strains that will ultimately arise from the first one. So if you give a virus
enough time, during, say, a lockdown and social distancing, where no one is in contact with the
virus, you will give rise to the next epidemic. That is what is happening right now. The strains
that we see now are in the same family as the first, but by preventing people from being
exposed, we have made everything worse. This is according to top epidemiologists all over the
world that the government refuses to listen to.
So in a sense, something in us has always had to be a fighter to survive.
My grandfather also went on to live through the Spanish Flu epidemic the next year. He never
spoke about it. He told us loads of stories about his adventurous and difficult life. How he built a
business, starting in the year 1929, that is still in operation today. We heard tons of stories
about that. We heard that on his way to work one morning, looking a bit bedraggled since he
worked 16 hour days, he fell down into the gutter having a heart attack at age 47. People
passed him by, thinking he was a drunk. But one nurse knew what was happening and saved
his life. He went on to never smoke another day in his life and lived to be 82.
But the Spanish flu never entered into any of our talks; must not have been too memorable.
Imagine, the largest loss of life on US soil since the Civil War and he never even mentioned it.
And here we are, our society destroyed, reacting to a virus that is no more lethal than the
seasonal flu. The WHO declared this in October. Not to mention, we have been counting the
illnesses and fatalities with a very questionable testing protocol; the PCR test often designates
people who are in the hospital for some other ailment as a covid-19 patient. It indicates that a
healthy person who has no symptoms and feels fine is carrying an infectious virus and needs to
quarantine when they are not contagious in any way. The PCR test has inflated the numbers of
people that are diagnosed with and have died of covid-19. The WHO has admitted three times that the PCR test is too sensitive. And its inventor, who won the Nobel Prize in 1993, but died in
2019, said it was never meant to diagnose an illness. Never before has something been
considered a “case” when the person has no symptoms. So what is going on?
How did they know they were in a pandemic in 1918 if they did not have a PCR test to tell
them? Tens of thousands more people were dying than had died the year before, or the year
before that….that’s how. They didn’t have to give someone a test to see if they were dying of
the flu. They just saw that countless more people were dying. That is not happening now. So
what is?
Where have all the fighters gone? What has happened to all the persistent, creative,
indefatigable, amazing, thoughtful and intelligent men and women who would never give up and
upon whose shoulders our nation, and indeed, the world are built? Have they really been
replaced by a bunch of neurotic, fearful, germaphobic wimps that hide in their homes fearing a
virus? Saying that they can’t go out to work and live and thrive and no one can attend school
because of a virus that kills approximately .01% of the population? All this while SOME people
are forced to work to make a living because they have been designated “essential”. Let them do
everything for us while we, who are rich enough to work from home, hide away. Has our country
and indeed, our world, suddenly been commandeered by a few “experts” who refuse to listen to
any other experts in the fields of medicine, epidemiology, and science? Have we stopped even
“doing” science? That dialectic exercise that requires a back and forth of ideas and experiments
to exist? Have we lost our minds? What is going on here?
It’s embarrassing. It’s truly embarrassing that this is the world now. I am so glad my grandfather
isn’t here to see it. He would be appalled. “Sissies.” he would say. “Just a bunch of sissies.” He
wanted to fight for this country. And he worked hard to add to its prosperity. Shouldn’t WE be
fighting to do that? I know I am.

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