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Simply put, I was on what I called the Corona cocktail for 5 years. it amounts to 500mg Quercetin, 20,000 iu D, 6 grams C, 100mcg Se, 3mg Cu. 1mg MK7, 50mg MK4, and 10mg K1. my body mass index is 24 and age 67 and in excellent shape. my education is PhD in leadership, MS Biochemical Engineering, MS Statistics, and a Tier 1 MBA. I am a production manager at a paper mill. When I saw the Diamond Princess, I immediately knew that was the correct model and told anyone who would listen. Now, more to the point. If this cocktail worked, it would provide an effective virus buffer, meaning I would have the virus assault me but I would be asymptomatic. Turned out to be true. No antibodies or PCR from Feb to the end of Oct. my BRR tested PCR positive and antibody positive and was sick but not at hospital. She was not dutiful with regard to the cocktail. I was and am fine. Protocol stated I was to get tested. I too was positive for PCR and antibodies but no symptoms and feel fine. I also have not had the flu in 19 years.

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