Rational Radio: The Great Covid Debate

Rational Radio: The Great Covid Debate

In a recent interview – Whiteside referred to the drafters of the Great Barrington Declaration as misguided idiots…Hudson, whose organisation’s advisory board includes the creators of that globally publicised declaration and who believes lockdowns are a crime against humanity, has challenged the more conventionally minded Whiteside to a debate on the whole Covid-19 matter.

Anonymous – SOUTH AFRICA

I am a middle class widowed, retired mother and daughter. The impact of the lockdown and other Covid 19 policies has affected my family directly, my adult child of 36 has lost their job in an industry which will take years to recover if ever, the only option is to...

Bernhard Kirschner – SOUTH AFRICA

In March 2020, when I read that most of the deaths from SARS-CoV-2 were from the elderly with co-morbidities, I could not understand the reasoning behind locking down the entire population. Knowing a bit about HTML, I published a website, suggesting what I called Plan...

Heidi Short – SOUTH AFRICA

On Friday the 20th November, my 14 year old son became ill with appendicitis and was admitted to Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Cape Town. He was in a huge amount of pain, and tests confirmed that he would require an appendectomy to remove the appendix. Hospital...

Shirley Renwick – SOUTH AFRICA

I have just read an article on Daily Maverick, calling itself an expert advisory on how to identify fake news. It includes this paragraph   "The CDC currently estimates that Covid in the US has a 0.65% infection fatality rate (deaths per person infected); that is...

Anonymous – SOUTH AFRICA

The most miserable year of my life, not because of the fear of the virus but because of the absolutely inhumane unfounded unscientific lockdowns, social distancing measures and forced mask wearing that make absolutely no sense!


I was so impressed at Sweden’s approach to Coronavirus, I went to Stockholm for 10 days in August and shot a documentary including an exclusive interview with Anders Tegnell.

Stephen Jones – UNITED KINGDOM

In this article, Oxford University establish that the Innova test inuse at Liverpool has a specificity of 99.68%, with 0.32% false positives. https://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2020-11-11-oxford-university-and-phe-confirm-high-sensitivity-lateral-flow-tests-following And in...

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