The Elephants In The Room

8 min read While citizens focus on the latest issue the government directs our attention to, many of us have lost sight of the big picture and grown accustomed to severe limitations on our rights like the proverbial frogs in hot water. PANDA is increasingly aware of the elephants in the room, the topics no one is talking about.

Bhekisisa Groundup

Groundup, Bhekisisa, Daily Maverick and the War on Truth

7 min read The response to Angelo Ryan’s opinion piece in the Mail & Guardian on “vaccine hesitancy” is more interesting for what it tells you about the state of our captured media, than what it tells you about vaccination. Daily Maverick, Groundup, Bhekisisa and others have once again told us that they are promoting a specific narrative and censoring and demanding that others censor contrary views. Can you trust organisations that tell you that this is how they are conducting the business of journalism to give you accurate information in future? We think not.

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