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I didn’t trust this from the start. Maybe it’s intuition. Maybe it’s the weed I sometimes smoke. I am not sure. I also know of many people who know many people who have gotten covid yet of all these many people I know none of them know someone who has died from covid. Yet, they are still scared of covid. When I hear my more “progressive” peer’s experiences of contracting covid I wonder why there seems/needs to be such an exaggeration to the retelling of said experience: “oh, I did have serious breathing problems. My nose was clogged like so bad, and my room mates were all exhausted.” or “It was VERY scary –voice lowers– we almost had to go to the hospital. It was really serious” and “Oh, absolutely, of course I will get the vaccine. I don’t know if I’m over covid yet.”

I am aware of the challenge that is covid. I still believe that it is a bit stronger than the flu. That might be wrong, that might be true. However, we know not to swat a fly with a brick wall, so why are we doing that to the hornet? Why do so many people know so many people living through this disease? What is blocking these people from simply seeing the very obvious survival?

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