20 Lies

4 min read by Nick Hudson | There are many pillars that support the Covid narrative. This collection of 20 of the most pervasive myths include the reality of each, with references.

Question Everything

5 min read Asking questions is at the heart of science. Science is not an institution and not an authority. Science is never settled. It is forever evolving through conjecture and criticism. Questions form the basis of all scientific inquiry and scientific progress. Without challenging existing concepts – usually held by a majority – there is no new knowledge creation. Censoring dissenting voices eliminates the mechanism of error correction and pushes humanity back into the dark ages. 

The Conservative Woman: Fearmongering, false narrative and profiteering – The truth about Covid

< 1 min read In a way not done before, Nick Hudson pulls everything together from changing World Health Organisation recommendations to masks making no difference; from suppression measures shifting the disease burden on to the vulnerable, through to unnecessary vaccine programmes. By following the data and official communications from global organisations, he unravels what transpired to lead us into deleterious lockdowns, which continue to have enormous negative impacts across the world.

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