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We are living through the worst crimes against humanity in recorded history. When humanity faced the atrocities at the hands of Nazi Germany, the allied forces would eventually put an end to the horror. How does humanity get out of this one? There are no armies coming to liberate us. I’ve been doing all I can to read and share information with everyone I can think of…many people doing the same thing. I do not understand how anyone can continue to support these lock down narratives that seem clearly to hurt children more than anyone else. How can they do that? If anyone reading this still adheres to the lockdown narratives, I am begging you, down on my knees begging you to re-think your position….PLEASE!
Personally, I am 60 years old. I guess the narrative says I’m “vulnerable” as far as coronavirus goes. I’ve never worn a mask, or stayed away from my grandsons and daughter. I’ve attended holidays and parties as usual. However, I live in a senior apt bldg. which forbids visitors, and although I have shopped without masks, the ridiculous input from others grows tiresome quickly which is why I rarely go into a store anymore. I used to love going to thrift stores and searching for treasures and materials for crafting. I only drive my car once or twice a month.
My heart has been crushed by seeing my oldest grandson who was a high school graduate in 2020 be denied all the coming of age events that almost everyone else on the planet enjoyed at that age. (I wrote a letter to the school superintendent pointing out the lock down absurdities and asking him to consider what we were teaching the graduates by all this social distancing). Even more daunting for him is trying to get a good start on life surrounded by never ending fear and tyranny. (he’s trending toward trade school; apprenticeship as a plumber). My younger grandson, who was just hitting puberty 14 years at the start of all this, seemed entirely sad when the routine of his active life was brought to a mind-numbingly instantaneous halt. He is a very active kid who loves playing sports, loves being with his friends, and as you might imagine, this is also a very sensitive time in a child’s life. A time when school dances and interactions with the opposite sex are awkward, but indeed a very necessary rite of passage. His parents and I have intervened to ensure he sees his buddies often and he has even gotten back into team sports…American football…junior league (He’s pretty good!)
Every day my heart shatters just a little more when I think of the damage that has been done to children over what amounts to political divisiveness, greed and the psychopathic desire of some to control others. Well, one thing these people should know is I will never give in. I will never be jabbed. I will not be controlled or obedient, and I’m quite sure there are a couple billion others who will do the same. I will never stop being there for my grandson’s and daughter, whatever they need from me emotionally, I hope I can provide it. I will not stop fighting this insanity until the day I die, even if that means taking a bullet in the head, I SHALL NOT SUBMIT. The worse tyranny of all is forcing people to accept protection and health interventions they do not want, characterizing it as benevolence, and penalizing those who disagree. May peace be with you and with all of us.

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