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I’m saddened to hear the suffering that is going on in South Africa as well as many other places around the world.

Here in Western Australia we have it good. With our first 5 day lockdown just the other week. Totally unnecessary and an indication to me of political point scoring with the election coming up and blatant mismanaged and forced hurt and distress to many people here. In just 5 days! There were deaths here due to suicide and my own family which have members with high anxiety, struggled just for 5 days. There is blood on the hands of those involved with this craziness. No conspiracy here. Just emotionally driven decision making and narrative setting agendas to take advantage of a situation they all know they cannot turn around and admit a mistake. Saving face or call it what you will…it’s insanity. I remember Einstein’s definition of insanity about repeating a mistake deliberately, well I think we have a great real life example for that now.
Pains me to see the death of science and exploitation of peoples insecurities, especially for their elderly family members.

What’s worse, there are a lot of people dying more from lockdowns and many many more will yet.
I follow one the best root cause engineers in the world Ivor Cummins and recommend people visit his podcasts called the Fat Emperor. Real imperial science and not that epidemiology association analytical nonsense which has no direct scientific analysis evidentiary value, just hypothetical observational determination. Real amateur stuff.

Lockdowns and masks? All for the apparent “protection and keeping us safe”. What the hell from? COVID? I’m mid 50’s and not a bit frightened of what is at best is a nasty flu type virus.
Well put it this way. We do not go and lock down or wear masks under mandates with jail time and fines when there is a bad flu season and then we accept the 500-1000 deaths in this country from it. We also accept every 30 seconds someone dies from a heart attack, without no more than a occasional “ oh just eat less meat” from your GP or some other nutritional genius advocating a more deadly Margarine on tv.

But no one! Absolutely no one must die from COVID.
Your influenza, heart attack and cancer people can die though…oh and the suicide victims during lockdowns? Well they can too. Depending on which country if they get PCR for COVID, or not as I’ve had a friend mentioned happened to him in Victoria, they’ll get captured as a COVID victim statistic.
Now vaccines. This is now very clearly evident that exploitation of people’s fears and emotions can make a dollar and some investors extremely rich out of this.
I know people say good luck one day on getting these people to be held accountable as they have the money, time and resources to stop anyone suing them or getting convictions but strangely I feel my instincts telling me, the meek shall inherit the earth and I hope it means justice is dealt with via non violent and democratic due processes.
Time will tell.
Well, what else do you have to wait for stuck at home?

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