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My humble career in catering and the food truck industry was decimated – as we rely on events for the bulk of our income.

Thinking I was a genius, I started a food truck drive through which was promptly shut down by cape town city a few short months later.

Come December, we were excited to be fully booked – but of course we were locked down, and every job I had was cancelled. I’d sunk the last of my savings into an online store selling products to try supplement the catering income, having purchased stock for December.

I’ve had to stop paying 3 staff members who relied on me for work.

I have never adhered to the lock down laws. I will admit it. I have faced so-called covid death straight in the eyeballs and watched it run away and hide in the shadows.

It’s been over a year now and I’ve never had covid or got sick. I am however, bankrupt and desperate to get my business going again.

We moved away from the city and to a little seaside village where our 5 year old daughter doesn’t need to wear a mask or socially distance, and is immersed in nature.

Life is more bareable here, away from the stazi eyes behind the curtain twitches, where once neighbours called police to arrest little old ladies for walking their dog 15 minutes past curfue.

I took myself off Facebook not only due to the censorship, but the ridicule I experienced from friends and family because I spoke out against this tyranny, and because I was a tinfoil hat wearing nutjob when I predicted “covid passes” and mandatory vaccines- which are now a reality – which i see those very same people who laughed at me, now willingly bend the knee (or is it elbow) to, in acquiescence to experimental slavery – or perhaps double blind virtue signalling.

To watch the powers that be impose madness as normality and see intelligent people sign away their freedoms so willingly is beyond disturbing, it’s terrifying.

I will fight to the death protecting my family and their freedoms, their bodily autonomy and their right to choose what is best for them. Nobody is going to force my loved ones into anything, ever, and if they do, my wrath will see an end to their existence.

I’m done with debates, I’m done with caring. I’m getting on with life, without masks, poison sanitizers and toxic distancing. You can keep your cold, sterile planet of microchips and fear, and push me out into the fringe and dress me up like a clown, I don’t care.

I’ll live to 95 thanks to my immune system, while you’ll need your 3 month booster shots of toxic chemicals for the rest of your miserable lives, while you desperately try earn social credits by being good little drones for your commie government.

If this scamdemic has taught me one thing, its that a seemingly normal husband and father like myself can easily become a radical extremist when pushed too far – and I won’t be the only one prepared to go to war if its called for.

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