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Protocol for
Reopening Society

Road-map out of lockdowns

For decades, it has been acknowledged by the world’s premier health authorities that amid a pandemic, the functioning of society should be maintained, and human rights upheld. Governments and health organisations have at their disposal country-specific pandemic preparedness plans, as well as the World Health Organisation pandemic guidelines, which provide a road-map outlining how to keep society functioning, while also mitigating the impact of a disease or virus.

PANDA believes that this must be addressed urgently and systematically to expose the falsehoods on which the approach is based. This will undermine the drivers of the centralization of wealth and power that this corporate takeover of global health is supporting, which must then lead to fundamental reform of public health funding, conflict of interest management, and decentralization of health policy.

At a glance

  • Lift all COVID-19 specific restrictions and mandates;
  • Offer protection to vulnerable individuals;
  • End mass testing, contact tracing, quarantining and lockdowns;
  • Ensure public transparency of all efficacy and safety data of vaccines;
  • Reassert open scientific debate and freedom of speech, opinion and choice.

Responding to COVID-19:
public health or public harm?

PANDA’s Protocol for Reopening Society is a ‘blueprint’ for governments to move forward from the paralysing cycle of lockdowns. Concerned with the ongoing damage of the response to COVID-19, PANDA applies the principles of ‘focused protection’ to safeguard the most vulnerable, as articulated by the Great Barrington Declaration. PANDA’s aim is to offer an evidence-based pathway for policy makers and citizens by returning to long-established public health principles that uphold fundamental human rights.

Lead Author
Abir Ballan

Abir has a Masters in Public Health, a graduate degree in special needs education and a BA in psychology. She is a children’s author with 27 published books. She has been an advocate for the inclusion of children with learning difficulties in mainstream schools. She is particularly committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of children and young people.


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