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Biznews: Busting Myths about Cases

We must all be wary of a second wave being manufactured by increases in testing that are presented to us as an increase in cases. It is foolhardy to focus our attention on one disease alone instead of the overall impact of policy choices we make. When we do focus on one disease alone, we should certainly not focus on positive tests but rather on death and hospitalisation data.

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Five reasons people stopped listening to Covid-19 modellers

Epidemiological modellers have made themselves irrelevant by producing work that failed to align with reality and they remain unrepentant in the face of overwhelming evidence of their failings. They made themselves irrelevant by choosing to support the hand that feeds them and allowing their work to be used to justify violations of our constitutional rights through illegal lockdowns that destroy lives and livelihoods on a daily basis.

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Panda challenges Covid-19 experts to return to ‘reality’

Shayne Krige, a lawyer with Panda, says it helps the government to show a large number of deaths. “To establish that the lockdown regulations are rational, the government has to show, on an ongoing basis, that Covid presents a serious risk. And in order to show that the draconian lockdown measures the government adopted were proportionate to the harm, the number of people who could die needs to be high,” he says.

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PANDA: More evidence lockdown is complete failure in fighting Covid-19 – the SA picture

One of the most important findings from the masses of emerging Covid-19 data is the complete failure of the lockdown theory as a means of reducing the pace at which the infection spreads—what is known as the “reproduction rate”. Governments and modelers have assumed that imposition and relaxation of lockdowns would cause step-changes in the reproduction rate, but in country after country, no such step-changes can be seen. Reproduction rates track a linearly declining path.

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PANDA | Please hear us out, NICD!

PANDA is receiving a slew of requests from doctors, hospital administrators and journalists all over the country who had become frustrated with the NICD’s guidance and wanted a steer from us on what they should plan for. We are a small, not-for-profit business staffed by part-time volunteers, and do not yet have the infrastructure to deal with such requests, as much as we’d like to.

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