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My name is Jim, and I’m an American currently living in Germany as a tourist. Until March 2020, I didn’t think about researching too deep about the basic human rights laws, until the elite cabal “murdered” my livelihood in music. So that was when I decided to go on the path of the rabbit hole research of this fake pandemic, on the legal side. Because my grandparents were attorneys in New York, and I have a cousin who is an attorney in Minnesota as well. So in that being mentioned, here are a few of my personal experiences, that I’m having in this scamdemic scenario. In October 2020, I was in a hospital for about four days, because of a heart condition that I have. But while I was in the hospital during those four days, I noticed that I was the only person who wore a face shield within those four days, and no one gave me any problems. While in the hospital, I walked around on every floor, and didn’t see any specialized “COVID-19” wards. In fact, I didn’t even see any “COVID-19” patients either. And because no visitors are allowed, is the other reason that the hospital was pretty empty. There were normal activities, and there was only one nurse for each ward who worked at night, which included the one I was stationed in. I’m currently wearing a half face shield whenever I go to the shops because, no human will steal my basic right to breathe in fresh air, that the Creator has given me. Some places don’t seem to have a problem with it, but in some other shops, I was either restricted from shopping, or rejected from the shop altogether, for not smothering myself with those face diapers, which is not good for my heart condition. So in the middle of March 2021, I was about to enter a outside shopping zone which is in the city center, and a German policy officer stopped me, and told me that I needed to wear a mask. So after I informed him that, we’re in a outside public space, he then pointed to a picture of a mask, which isn’t signed by anyone. So he then informed me, that I need to walk around the city center, to get to a bank, which is in the city center. In the beginning of February 2021, I learned that both my father, and his wife received the Pfizer vaccination. Then my father messaged me to inform me that, he and his wife received a second round of that Pfizer vaccine at the end of February 2021. So now, I’m fully dedicating all of my energies, to unite humanity in Germany in any way possible, and working to wake those, in hopes that they will regain freedom from this medical dictatorship and tyranny. As expected, I’m experiencing opposition, from the very few people, who I’m in direct contact with. And out of those few people, one of them have even threatened to admit me into a mental institution. Things really got out of hand, when I informed these same few ignorant people about the negative affects of using a robot vacuum, all of them verbally attacked me really hard. It’s so unfortunate that, ignorant people always digest lies over truth. Also since mid 2020, I decided to take interest in gathering information on Natural Law, Common Law and Constitutional Law, because I’m seeing injustices that are being done unlawfully to the masses, like implementing and enforcing mask wearing policies, and using unlawful coercion tactics, to get people vaccinated as well. There were a couple of scenarios where, I was in a shop, and saw a two-year old child wearing a mask. I was a bit angry, because children are being smothered from those masks, and no child deserves that in any degree. In early March of 2021, I also read an article which the World Health Organization mentioned that, “the pandemic will end in 2022”, https://www.yenisafak.com/en/news/who-official-says-pandemic-to-end-at-beginning-of-2022-3561232. I have read both the American, and the German constitutions, and I have to sympathize with the Germans because, I couldn’t find any article stated in the Constitution, that protects the right to self-defense against any form of tyranny. So I’m carrying the 2010 version of the German Basic Rights Constitution with me everywhere I go. So if there is an updated version of the German Basic Rights Constitution that I can find, some please let me know. Because, I asked my general practice doctor about a mask wearing/vaccine exemption letter, but he told me that it’s almost impossible to get one. He also told me that, he gave only one person the mask wearing/vaccine exemption letter. And that person was a young girl, who has a serious health issue. However, that answer that he gave me was false, because he also wrote an exemption letter to one of my contacts as well, because she has asthma and COPD issues. So my question is, whenever I get rejected from public domains, such as shops for not complying to the mask policy, would it possible for me to sue for medical descrimination from shopping? I know that I’ve written much, but I’m very interested to get connected and unify with anyone, who are actively fighting against this medical dictatorship scenario. I have no fear with any of these unlawful penalties and consequences that I might be faced with. Because those policy enforcement agents are the ones committing the crimes against humanity. I’m also searching for a legal documents, that will protect me from harassment, or unlawful fines by the German police, against outdoor mask mandates. And finally, humanity must use the constitutional laws and common laws against your governments, unite in non compliance against all draconian measures, and boycott all public places en masse, that unlawfully refuse to serve you. I hope that, this story and message will get someones attention, because there’s more very informative links, that I would like to share as well. So anyone can feel free to contact me via email: [email protected]. Let’s connect.

But in all that being mentioned, everyone needs to check these following links:



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlgGQH0GO5s – Agenda 21, Depopulation and Total Enslavement

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sstLCDSjHB4 – AGENDA 21: UN Depopulation Project 2030

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BzKUTEjaC4 – the Depopulation Agenda 2030


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHHy1gDn4x8&t=91s – Integrating human rights, leave no one behind, and gender equality into UN Cooperation Frameworks



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJTnkzl3K64 – WEF founder: Must prepare for an angrier world

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