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As many of us in the planet, especially on the western side of Greenwhich, I was surprised and sad when the news brought to world’s attention to a “new unknown disease”. At first there wasn’t a name, just unverifiable news mentioning a “Chinese” virus.


A few TV news days later fear started to spread, which is very understandable considering most people get uncomfortable with things they just don’t understand. However, it was in late February a few details began to hit me:

1- Why didn’t WHO isolated all infected people in Wuhan?
2- Why didn’t WHO preclude all countries from repatriating their respective citizens that were found in the primary infected area?
3- Why does WHO have a director who hasn’t attend medicine university?

These were few but enough puzzling questions that got me interested in following the then just Coronavirus. Since then, I have spent a great amount of time pursuing honest numbers that could actually lead me to conclusions.

Still in late March, China stopped updating its numbers and in less then a month all other countries had more cases than China almost causing people to forget about that country.

At that moment, March 28th I started to contact with people I knew in very isolated places. The facts were very disturbing: small villages, from where no one has ever left and to no visitors have ever gone to had registered cases of the disease, then already known as Covid-19. How could that be?! Well, I have my take on this, but no evidence to back it up (yet).

From that moment of perception all I saw was press grabbing what seemed a huge opportunity to reclaim its primacy as “information” means, a condition that had being clearly compromised by its biased news, which had caused to huge drop on newspaper sales and was worsen by very small online subscriptions. The social media had given voice to lots of people.

Then in June, I started to do a research on deaths in Brazil. It was when I realized both infected and death numbers were provided not by government but a “journalistic consortium” which consisted in five or six different news corporations, all of them opposed to present federal presidency.

Still in June I realized no prominent names were being called by traditional media, the major players, but lots of second hand physicians with no studies published. Additionally, most press started to give the spotlight to more frightening narratives disregarding all evidences at hand.

And finally came the publication on The Lancet, of a study that claimed to have been done in less than six months, throughout 196 countries involving more than 100.000 patients!!! As a researcher I was impressed at first but then it occurred to me: how did they manage to work so fast with so much data, from different languages, different hospitals and clinics protocols? I checked the organisation behind the study, it had nearly a dozen employees!! Well, less than two weeks the work was withdrew form both The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine. Needless to say I was one of the probably many people who sent The Lancet a warning about the study incongruencies.

So far, I have discovered some many wrongs regarding the so-called pandemia that maybe I should spare the reader to get tired. But I definitely have enough material to write a sad book.

The one good thing that came out of this for me, was to finally see there are many people willing to defend Science and the truth. The latter can be subjective at times, but true Science will never ever be a matter of opinion.

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