Toronto Business Journal with Dr. Peter McCullough – The Vaccine as the Manifest Destiny of the Pandemic

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Dr. McCullough discusses a multitude of topics highly relevant to the thrusting of the experimental gene therapy injections onto our world's population: moral authority, political and financial conflicts of interest among those making policy and the need for truly independent committees and assessments, spike protein toxicity, public health's abject failure to manage early infection with well-known, safe and reliable treatments likely leading to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths. Dr. McCullough conscientiously and knowledgeably illustrates how "the dream to get a needle in every arm" may not only be highly inadvisable, but actually a nightmare for increasing numbers of us, unless we act now."

“In this explosive interview, cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough speaks to Dr. Sam Dubé as to why he, as well as a multitude of highly credentialed, experienced, and lauded physicians and researchers feel that “all roads lead to the vaccine”.

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