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Hi, my name is Michael, hailing from Toronto, ON Canada. Wanted to reach out and express firstly, thankfulness that a committee of well minded people globally are collectively sharing similar concerns. Challenging the lockdowns, curfews, political surveillance and sadly, intimidating Police tactics being exercised for our own “safety and protection”.

As you are probably aware, Ontario is currently on its third lockdown and people’s spirits have sunk to a new low. Frustratingly, they have ceased all procedures and surgeries and have made Covid – 19 the frontline of our health crisis. Thus delaying the needs of many that may suffer further complications if not treated. Not including the economic disaster we are facing.

That said, my main reason for wanting to connect with you is in regards to our neighbouring province Quebec. The political measures being used there is frightfully not far from a Police State. If is isn’t already. In fact, they are currently building a Provincial border on the ON/QB line.

Earlier this year, I was visiting my girlfriend (whom now I can’t see due to the border) who resides in Quebec City. In short, whilst having tea (and her recovering from a medical condition) in the afternoon with her cousin and fiancée, 12 officers barged into the private residence. They swarmed the apartment immediately searching through closets, wardrobes, rooms, believing we were hiding others. All this without Consent of Entry nor a Search Warrant.

We quickly responded, recording them entering and roaming the premises. Even though we were overwhelmed and shocked. Unfortunately, my girlfriend began to have an anxiety attack, slowly falling, while pressed against the wall by two officers demanding her ID and even access to her Social Media (facebook). Yes, it went that far.

As I attempted to get to her and calm her down, they soon after began to aggressively nudge us towards to the door, down the three level wooden winding staircase to the main entrance of the building. We are still not entirely sure how they got in the through the main door, as it was locked.

In the end, we all received $1550.00 fines for having an “Illegal Gathering” (several people) in the afternoon.

We are taking legal matters as we strongly feel this goes against our Charter of Rights and Constitutional Rights as Canadians. However, the laws have been changing so rapidly, even lawyers are uncertain how to tackle this.

There are many stories like this. From people being grabbed off the streets, breaking up children birthday parties, closing parks, even arresting a man who was pushing his Mother in a wheel chair. Just horrible stories.

We simply just want these stories to be heard. Would be honored to hear back from you. Anyway we can help to make others aware how far things have gone in certain places around the world.

My girl has been doing some independent journalism, capturing the activity happening in Quebec. I’m sure she would be more than happy to share them with you.

Hope this reaches you well. Thanks again for all that you do.

Yours truly,

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