Mustache-twiddlers, Emergencies and the Privilege of Speech | Mark Changizi

Mark Changizi discusses three highly intuitive ideas that should be overturned.

In this presentation Mark discusses three highly intuitive ideas that should be overturned:
(1) That free expression is a privilege
(2) That civil liberties must be balanced
(3) That evil emanates from the evil-intentioned

Mark Changizi is a theorist aiming to grasp the ultimate foundations underlying why we think, feel and see as we do. His research focuses on “why” questions, and he has made important discoveries such as why we see in colour, why we see illusions, why we have forward-facing eyes, why the brain is structured as it is, why animals have as many limbs and fingers as they do, why the dictionary is organized as it is, why fingers get pruney when wet, where emotional expressions came from, and how we acquired writing, language and music.

Research links:
Cognitive Scientist

Since Covid, Mark’s focus has shifted toward understanding the large-scale dynamics of sociopolitical movements.
You can learn more at:
The Free Expression Institute (
LooFWIRED Magazine (
Mark’s Science Moment series (YouTube and Rumble


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