PANDA’s mission is to be a leading independent organisation promoting major shifts towards greater human agency and flourishing societies through multidisciplinary research, sense-making and innovation fit for real-world complexities.

Our Story

PANDA was established in April 2020 by a group of multidisciplinary professionals, who perceived the global reaction to Covid - from lockdowns to mandates - as overwrought and damaging to the point of causing a great tear in the fabric of society. PANDA is a politically and economically independent organisation that has sought to develop broad rational explanations and test them against international data, while informing the public and media.

Our Vision

PANDA’s vision is of flourishing societies that value individual sovereignty, where the free exchange of ideas is encouraged and decentralised innovation is fostered.

Our Objectives

To provide media, influencers and the public with reliable, researched and accessible insights that facilitate practical steps toward reasserting sovereignty.

To offer innovative recommendations to policymakers for more decentralised and un-conflicted designs.

To support other key change-making organisations and lawsuits that seek to restore and advance human rights and freedoms through peaceful and democratic initiatives.

Our Network

PANDA’s collective of scientists, actuaries, economists, data scientists, statisticians, medical professionals, lawyers, engineers and businesspeople now include professionals from across the world, contributing perspectives from their experiences in many different countries.

Our mission statement

PANDA aims to promote open science, human agency, and courageous societies

We aim to empower the public with accurate information thereby enabling individuals to exercise freedom of choice and preserve human liberties and free societies.

Human agency must be upheld and individuals should be informed about risks and mitigation so that they can make personal choices. Our multidisciplinary team has developed a framework for helping communities do just that. PANDA’s Protocol for Reopening Society builds upon the widely supported Great Barrington Declaration and pre-Covid pandemic guidelines to provide a roadmap out of the damaging cycle of lockdowns and other coercive policies.


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As a non-profit organisation, PANDA’s work remains free of bias and conflicts of interest. Support our work with a monthly donation which aids our planning and resources, and enables societies that are healthy, functioning and resilient.. We rely on your financial support to keep the conversation open.

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