Panda challenges Covid-19 experts to return to ‘reality’

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Shayne Krige, a lawyer with Panda, says it helps the government to show a large number of deaths. “To establish that the lockdown regulations are rational, the government has to show, on an ongoing basis, that Covid presents a serious risk. And in order to show that the draconian lockdown measures the government adopted were proportionate to the harm, the number of people who could die needs to be high,” he says.

Panda challenges Covid-19 experts to return to ‘reality’

If it’s wrong, fix it

The official consortium model incorrectly predicted the peak of the Western Cape in July or August. Mistakes are to be expected when academics are projecting the spread of a new disease. In May, those scientists repeatedly used the word “uncertainty” to describe the epidemic.

But with so much learnt globally about Covid-19 in the past two months, isn’t it time to adjust the models? Updating hypotheses is not unusual; it is the definition of what scientists do.

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