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Nick Hudson

Nick Hudson is an actuary with broad international experience in finance, who has settled into a career as a private equity investor. He is a man of wide-ranging interests—an avid reader of canonical literature, a classical music aficionado, and an enthusiastic amateur ornithologist. He has been invited to speak on various topics including epistemology, corporate governance, investment management, and more recently, the pandemic

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Jonathan Engler

Doctor and Medical Investor
Jonathan started his career in clinical medicine. After a few years, he moved into the Pharma Industry, designing and running an international clinical trial program, before he and a colleague spotted a gap in the market for a company utilising IT to automate several clinical trial processes. The company they founded was sold, it had 6 offices worldwide and 500 employees. Jonathan then retrained as a lawyer, but having missed the commercial world he invested in several Healthcare start-ups, one of which (involved in cancer diagnostics) he now chairs.

Piers Robinson

Expert in Propaganda and Politics
Dr Piers Robinson is a co-director of the Organisation for Propaganda Studies and was Chair/Professor in Politics, Society and Political Journalism, University of Sheffield, 2016-2019, Senior Lecturer in International Politics (University of Manchester 2010-2016) and Lecturer in Political Communication (University of Liverpool, 1999-2005). He researches and writes on propaganda, media, international politics and conflict.
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Todd Kenyon

Knowledge Factory Team (KFT) Coordinator
Todd brings a wealth of knowledge and a range of expertise to the PANDA panel. He has a PhD in Marine Biology, a BS in Mechanical Engineering, is a Charted Financial Analyst and a patented inventor and entrepreneur. Todd has a keen interest in endurance and water sports.
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Peter Castleden

Peter Castleden is an actuary with broad management experience in financial services and technical actuarial experience primarily with Life Insurance. He is a family man with four young children who has interest in history, business, emerging technologies, behavioural economics and problem solving.
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Ian McGorian

Big Data Analyst
Ian is currently the managing Director of Silver Fox Consulting, a firm specialising in data analysis to inform strategy. A former director of Allied Publishing (media distribution) and 21st Century (remuneration consulting). Currently residing in the “Big Smoke” (Johannesburg) but escaping whenever possible to indulge in twitching.

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David Bell

PHD Public Health
David is a clinical and public health physician with a PhD in population health and background in internal medicine, modelling and epidemiology of infectious disease. Previously, he was Director of the Global Health Technologies at Intellectual Ventures Global Good Fund in the USA, Programme Head for Malaria and Acute Febrile Disease at FIND in Geneva, and coordinating malaria diagnostics strategy with the World Health Organization. David maintains that accurate data and balanced evidence is available to the public, and other decision-makers, in order to make decisions that are in everyone’s best interests.

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