Rick Kershaw – Canada

First, thank you for compiling this data and making it available to the general public.
I am retired and can remember in Canada when we did not have government provided healthcare. As HC progressed in the country more restrictions seem to have been placed on doctors to provide care and for patients to get care without the interference of the provincial and Canadian health officials. In this epidemic we have been told , if sick, to stay away from doctors and emergency rooms, go get tested, quarantine until hospitalization is required. There is no out patient care it is replaced with stonewalling by politicians, health guessers (I refuse to call them experts) and even the medical community. They ignore requests to look at data or consider what other countries are successful with.
The narrative here is 1) there is no cure or treatment 2) there is no immunity (they refuse even to consider to listen to doctors that are pointing out immunity is possible) 3) Just wait for the vaccine in another year (you see the hypocrisy). 4) Health Canada has all the answers (I can list 10 of their blunders) Masks are proven 85% effective (no peer reviewed study required).
Canada is in different stages of lock downs, restrictions and mandatory masks because of vocal health guessers demanding it. One local doctor is raising the specter of catastrophic consequences and leads the vocal minority of doctors demanding more lock downs. He admits he is afraid to go home in case he infects his family. I guess he has no confidence to treat his own children. The other 11,000 doctors in the province are afraid to speak out except for a few that are retired. One speaking out is a friend and is a retired doctor of microbiology from the Univ. here but he is ignored even by his peers.
I have followed a number of doctors and sites that are giving a counter or balanced narrative such as Ivor Cummins, Dr. Seheult (US youtube), Dr. Morbeen Sayed (US youtube), Sebastian Rushworth M.D, Dr. M. Kendrick, and many of the people of the GBD, CEBM, the various European doctors and scientific experts. As well as searched out many treatments around the globe.
I have taken the time to write to local, provincial and national politicians. I have written to school boards, Canadian assoc. of Phys. and Surgeons and their provincial counterparts. Generally I receive patronizing responses sometimes touting their new found scientific opinions.
One I have advocated for was rapid antigen testing, which now, 6 months late and lots of patronizing and further stonewalling they are distributing but at a very slow rate of implementation.
I also, comment, where relevant, on newspaper articles pointing to the sites and studies that offer the data, even citing the WHO. I try to educate. There are a number of people who comment providing similar information but people would rather wallow in their ignorance and depend blindly on the guessers. You can lead a horse to water but this seems to be like dragging a dead horse there. Even my own brother refuses to consider education on immunity. “No, you can get it again” (I know somewhat true but not in the way he imagines)

My mother is 89 and is disgusted that governments are holding her for ransom, so to speak. She taught us the story of Chicken Little (the sky is falling) and is unswayed by the fear mongering. Likewise I have an 89 year old aunt dying of cancer who lamented, What is the big deal. She and her 92 year old sister in an elder care home both went through many hardships and are still two of the most fun people to meet.
I spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren. At the start of this there was a picture of a grandfather across the street from his granddaughter waving at her. Propaganda? The implication was, stay away from your grandchildren or they may cause your death. My take was “You don’t know it yet grandpa but your already dead” Both my wife and I put away our hesitations and have had numerous camp outs, sleepovers and family get-togethers.
Again thank you for the great site and for allowing me to relate my narrative.



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