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I am a very healthy and fit woman and I am in love with Life. Since April 2020 I am educating myself about the real reasons of this heavy Lockdown and absurd “laws” and the more I know, the more I see me dreams, aspirations and visions vanish.

One year has been wasted. One year has been taken from me. One year of Life time that can not be given back. I value time more than anything. I used to do every single day something that would get me closer to my dreams. Through this Lockdown I suffer mentally and spiritually. The hobbies and passions that I had are no longer possible, as I was attending professional dance classes. My goal in 2020 was to begin a new path, becoming a Yoga Teacher and since everything was closed I wasn’t able to go after my goal. Friendships are only possible online and it feels empty not to see, feel and touch people I love.

My home is in 2 continents at the same time. I built myself a Life of freedom, because that is what I was fighting for my entire Life, after having to experience childhood in the DDR, where nobody knew what freedom was.
Heavy travelling restrictions make it now impossible for me to fly and live my Life as normal. I am sitting literally in a room waiting, but days become weeks, weeks become months, and soon months will be years…

I feel imprisoned, my dignity has been stolen, a crime is being done to my soul, my heart and my mind. I am certain this is a crime to humanity.

My excitement to be productive in the morning has been replaced by fear for the future. My energy for my work has been replaced by lack of concentration, my smiles have turned into tears, my dream of having children is now replaced by eager actions to invest my money and save my business, so that I can somehow survive financially and also prepare for the worst of times.

I still have hope in me but with every day I look back and am so sad about the lost days that nobody of us can get back…

The Lockdown has immense consequences. Social contacts are cut off, no art can be enjoyed, walking around wearing a mask feels discriminating and terrifying. One can not grow as a human being freely, taking deep breaths is our birth right and breathing oxygen and the energy of Life force is what keeps us alive. and active.

I am observing people pointing at others that don’t wear masks. Haven’t they learned anything from history?

The PANDAta and the many other movements like “Wir machen auf” (“we will open our shops”) , Corona Ausschuss, Fair Talk and many others create a lot of hope within me and are a light in the dark.

I continue to walk on the streets and in shops without a mask, I continue to get in touch with people, to smile at them and I continue to create dialogs wherever and whenever I can. I continue to fight fear that easily could take over my thoughts and actions. I continue to educate myself and support any movement against this insanity in any way I can. . . though often I feel helpless.

I am sure, that the World Economic Forums Plan is to break our spirit. History books state that it takes only 18 months to achieve that. We are already almost one year in Lockdown. It is 1min to twelve.

Thank you PANDA for your work. Thank you Dr. S. Bhakdi for your wonderful book and your courage and patience to fight for a better future.

Please let me know what I could do or whether I can sign something.

I pray to the Universe that Love and humanity will win in 2021 and that the truth will come to the surface.

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