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I have observed that the institutions where people are most vulnerable are the same institutions where people are most vulnerable to abuse. My sister was unfortunately a victim of such abuse. She contracted Tick bite fever mid November 2020. She thought she could “sweat it out” at home, but she had to go to hospital eventually. At hospital, they insisted on a PCR test, which she declined, because she knew she had Tick bite fever, not pneumonia. No permission from a patient is needed in order to administer a PCR test. My sister was experiencing muscle cramps and the nurse was supposed to inject a muscle relaxant into her drip, but instead put it directly in to her arm. My sister’s heart stopped and she had to be resuscitated. While she was lying incapacitated, they did the PCR test and then wheeled her off to have x-rays done. The doctor admitted to my sister the muscle relaxant needed to be diluted in the drip, but on the medical form she put the incident down as an allergic reaction. My sister was PCR negative (by some small miracle, since South Africa has the PCR Ct at 40 -45, and anything above 35 is not recommended as being able to provide an accurate test). I shudder to think what would have been done to her had she been PCR positive, since the WHO recommends rapid advancement to intubation and ventilation, despite evidence that this invasive procedure leads to a quick decline and death in patients, (and this is something that South African doctors discovered early on, although for some reason they seem to have reverted back to ventilation again). My sister nearly died, but for the doctor that was a job well done. If she had gotten a positive PCR test, she would have been incorrectly treated, and would most likely have died. The cause of death would have been “Covid 19” since South African doctors by law have to classify a death as Covid 19, needing only the positive PCR test result as diagnosis. In fact, they can even put Covid 19 on the death certificate with a negative PCR result, there just needs to be the presence of symptoms concurrent with Covid 19 (which also happen to apply to many diseases). In fact, now that I think about it, my sister could very easily have become a Covid 19 statistic.

Private Hospitals have a history of being “Incentivised to over-provide”, this means they are already open to manipulation. Public hospitals are vulnerable to political interference. This was clear from the Covid 19 Echo clinic of the Department of Medicine for UCT and GSH,(see ) where instead of a serious discussion about the 57 263 articles written about Covid 19, it was deemed appropriate to turn to political satire instead. Regardless of whether you think Donald Trump is a hero or a toad, how exactly does this help someone recover from pneumonia? When the question of the 173 ongoing case studies in China arose, (even though China declares they have no more cases), it was dismissed offhand as just them forgetting to take the cases down from the website.

Dr Sean Wasserman also recommends Remdesivir, a patented drug. No mention is made of Ivermectin, a nobel prize winning medication, on the the WHO’s list of essential medicines, of which extensive peer reviewed studies have been published in the treatment of Covid 19, which the FDA just point blank refuses to review (see ). Ivermectin is off -patent and cheap and despite it being endorsed by the Evidenced-Based Medicine Consultancy (see ) a doctor in Durban was arrested (see ) after the “outlawed drug” was allegedly being dispersed at his hospital!

Any layman can tell you what happens to a production line when you drastically impede service, decrease capacity and use faulty equipment. Can any doctor or medical provider seriously say that they think medical care in 2020 was at optimum levels compared to previous years, for all diseases? Have they considered the impact of all the new protocols introduced, new operational procedures, new tests, new case definitions along with nurses and doctors being sent home as “asymptomatic” cases? Has any study been done on the impact of these? My intuition tells me that excess deaths will be directly in proportion to the stringency with which these new protocols have been implemented in various hospitals.

The whole time I’ve seen debating on “whether lockdowns work”, but what we really need to very seriously observe is how far medical practice has been captured and perverted, and what effect that has had on excess deaths. It is pure evil to knowingly provide the wrong care and to prevent the right care from being administered.

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