The human immune system is one of the most sophisticated achievements of evolution.

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The survival of our species has depended on it for millennia. And today, we are still very much relying on it. Even vaccines depend entirely on the immune system: vaccines essentially teach our immune systems what viral markers to be prepared for, they are not cures per se. Without a functional immune system, there can be no effective vaccine.


Natural Immunity and vaccine-induced immunity build on the same underlying biological processes. As such they might be perceived to be equivalent, yet they aren’t – at least not to this day.

Some authorities have suggested that vaccines induce better immunity than natural immunisation following an infection. Beyond the evolutionary inconsistency of such a narrative, this statement has been disproven by multiple studies [1,2,3,4,5]. It is also visible to all that virus infections have not abated despite wide vaccination coverage throughout the world, and today the vast majority of repeat infections are in the most vaccinated countries.

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Today’s implementations of COVID vaccines have proven to be no match for the kind of  immunity provided by natural immunisation – these vaccines are not sterilising and therefore do not stop transmission. Additionally, the current vaccines have shown to have very dubious efficacy, as the vaccinated and unvaccinated carry similar viral loads when infected [6,7,8,9].

This should not come as a surprise to those who study virology and immunology: SARS-CoV is a mucosal virus that essentially propagates in the mucus, notably in the lungs. Stimulating an immune reaction in the mucus by injecting a product – however novel – in the deltoid muscle seems incongruous at best, if not totally illusory.

Over the past 30 years, many scientists have denounced the fallacy of an intramuscular vaccination to tackle mucosal viruses [10,11,12,13] such as the flu or Coronas. Mucosal vaccines that provide any form of preemptive immunity have yet to come to market. 

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More importantly, SARS-CoV-2 was never particularly novel to our immune system. As part of the Coronavirus family, it shares a great deal of genetic material (65-70%) with its common cold cousins. As such, our immune systems were never helpless, as we saw in early 2020 with the outbreak on the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship in which, despite the close quarters and relatively elderly population, most people did not get infected at all. In cases of recent infection, many people enjoyed the benefit of what might be thought of as  “cousin immunity” (also called cross-immunity) with mucosal antibodies and immune cells able to neutralise SARS-CoV-2, just as well as common colds. Those were often labelled “asymptomatic” infections.  When  population density drives high infectious disease incidence, the proportion of asymptomatics in the population often nears 90% [14,15]. This most likely explains the significant difference in outcomes between high density geographies like Asia and Africa versus Europe and North America.

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Finally, it is striking that the technology of vaccines was chosen as the single most important technology to fight a disease that is essentially driven – in its most severe forms – by a compromised immune system. There is little doubt that vaccine technology can be an effective tool to protect humans from some infectious diseases, or hopefully, in the future, even cancer. However, it is well-known by scientists in the field of immuno-oncology, that for this technology to be effective it requires the immune system to be fully operational. We know from several studies [16,17] that severe COVID patients typically have a delayed immune reaction, and it is clear now that such vaccine technology was never a silver bullet for the very old or very sick who end up hospitalised with COVID.

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The suppression of the concept of natural immunity has all the hallmarks of a coordinated misinformation campaign. It is difficult to tell exactly who the initiators of this were, although it is to be noted that the main beneficiaries have been governments and the vaccine manufacturers.


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