In Focus

Our teams of multidisciplinary professionals develop projects and content that encourage good science, rational debate and sound public policy, as well as empowering people to make informed decisions.


Deafening Silencing

The propaganda war using censorship, smearing and coercion.


The WHO Paradox

Get the bigger picture.

A panda initiative

Accountability for failed COVID-19 policy measures and mandates

A letter from healthcare professionals to governments, policymakers, regulators and the medical fraternity

A PANDA Campaign

All Risk. Zero Benefit.

Stop the mass COVID-19 vaccine rollout for children and young people

A PANDA Campaign

Breaking the Chains.

You are right to feel that something is not right. you are right to feel that you are being manipulated.

A PANDA Campaign

Declaration for the Protection of Children and Young People.

We have the right to pursue life, liberty, learning, leisure, love and laughter

A PANDA Petition

EU Parliament Petition for Children.

"Children shall have the right to such protection and care as is necessary for their all actions relating to children, whether taken by public authorities or private institutions, the child's best interests must be a primary consideration." - Article 24 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

A PANDA Campaign

Protocol for Reopening Society.

Road-map out of lockdowns

A PANDA Campaign

Reject the Divide.

Say no to dividing society based on vaccination status

A Panda Campaign

The WHO Paradox.

Corporate Dominance in Global Public Health


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