Covid was not
a deadly pandemic

An Inquiry into the drivers of excess deaths

The destructive Covid interventions, which were portrayed as necessary to defend against a novel deadly pathogen, were mostly unnecessary and the likely cause of significant and ongoing excess deaths.

The importance of this understanding cannot be overstated, as many new policies are currently being developed based on the supposed success of the Covid-19 interventions.

PANDA has investigated the Covid-19 event from a variety of angles challenging the attribution of Covid to excess deaths, as well as the claims that lockdowns and vaccines saved millions of lives.

What the Diamond Princess tells us about NYC in Spring 2020

Did the Covid case and death numbers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship add up to a “novel deadly virus” that required “shutting down the world”?

It is impossible that the vaccines saved 14 million lives in 2021

An estimate in the Lancet that Covid-19 vaccinations prevented 14.4 million deaths is so impossibly high that the error should have been recognised.

How many lives were actually saved by the Covid-19 vaccines?

This article digs a little deeper into the vaccination data to see how many lives the Covid vaccines saved.

Did side effects from the Covid shots cause any excess mortality?

One goal of databases such as VAERS is to eliminate background ‘noise’ from random events. What percentage of the reports can be linked to the Covid injections?

Was SARS-CoV-2 entirely novel or particularly deadly?

We take a step back and address the central theme of the Covid-era narrative: that SARS-CoV-2 is a novel virus that is so deadly that drastic measures were needed to contain it.

Did lockdowns save the world from certain Covid doom?

It is arguable that the world has yet to feel the full effects of the lockdowns that were imposed on us. Should lockdowns be a pandemic policy instrument?

Were the excess deaths in Italy caused by a novel deadly virus?

A reassessment of the available evidence suggests another factor was involved.

Contemplating the significance of the Covid-19 missteps is not only essential to unravelling the extent of avoidable damages done during the past three years, but it can help us avoid more heavy-handed, top-down technocratic interventions in future.


After three and a half years of unbridled and myopic media coverage of a single disease, coupled with unprecedented availability of data on that disease, it is appropriate to ask if any world-wide patterns of interest have surfaced concerning Covid mortality.

11 OCTOBER 2023

An investigation of the trends in Covid mortality using the data from Canada and various regions around the world. Does the data point to a deadly pandemic?

30 OCTOBER 2023


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