“The people” will not save us | Chris Waldburger

Why 'voting harder' will not prevent another Covid event and why liberal democracy cannot stave off the bio-security state.

Chris Waldburger discuss why ‘voting harder’ will not prevent another Covid event and why liberal democracy cannot stave off the bio-security state. What, then, is to be done?

Chris attempted to criticize a modern turn to nihilism as a lowly, small-scale scholar for years, both in literature and philosophy. Alongside this, he has had a somewhat bumpy ride as a school teacher, knocking his head against political correctness, egalitarianism, and lately, the abuse of children by authoritarian nanny-types with social distancing, face coverings and vaccine pressures.

His writing began to reach a wider audience via Substack as he reported on the horrors of lockdowns and the failures of vaccines. You can find his work at chriswaldburger.substack.com.

The talk is based on Chris’ article, “‘The People’ Will Not Save Us – Perhaps We Need Machiavelli’s Lions


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