An Analysis of N. Ireland’s Covid Vaccine Injury and Death Data | Jonathan Weissman and Kathy Gray

With a population of under 2 million, Northern Ireland provides an important case study to understand the true impact of the "vaccination" campaign.

Public health agencies and proponents of the Covid vaccination campaign claim that many lives were saved, but data disclosed under a Freedom of Information request suggests otherwise. With a small population of under 2 million people, Northern Ireland provides an important case study to understand the true impact of the vaccination campaign. Kathy Gray’s FOI requests suggest jab recipients were not given fully informed consent and that key public health officials and agencies have therefore failed in their duty to inform the public.

Recent data suggests a worrying trend: a sustained increase in excess deaths that cannot be attributable to Covid.

Kathy Gray lives in Northern Ireland and is a swimming instructor, mother and grandmother, who previously lived in South Africa for 27 years during the apartheid era, where she learnt to question and completely distrust the government. Seeing the harm the COVID lockdowns had on the children she teaches led her to investigate and issue probing Freedom of Information requests to public agencies.

Jonathan Weissman lives in Northern Ireland and is a cybersecurity professional, who has researched the risks and harms of the Covid vaccines in his spare time. He shares his articles, conference presentations and podcasts at his website, His research interests include the 2020 pivotal clinical trials, contamination, toxicology, and epidemiology.


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