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Elevate Podcast: Nick Hudson – The quest for open science

< 1 min read Dan Astin-Gregory of the Elevate Podcast is joined by Nick Hudson, chairman of PANDA, to address some of the socio-political factors that propelled the mainstream pandemic narrative. In this conversation Nick sows the seeds of hope by sharing his vision for PANDA as an organisation that can reinvigorate academic discourse and bias free research, producing seminal work on what went wrong with the pandemic response.

Irreverend: Conjecture and Cristicism with Nick Hudson

< 1 min read In a wide-ranging conversation, Jamie Franklin spoke with Nick about initial responses to the Covid-19 situation, the relationship between facts, data and narratives, the WHO pandemic preparedness treaty, the evils of centralised solutions to complex problems, the decline of Christianity and emergent globalist secularism and the importance of a creating a society that can develop through an environment of conjecture and criticism.

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