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Biznews: Busting Myths about Cases

7 min read We must all be wary of a second wave being manufactured by increases in testing that are presented to us as an increase in cases. It is foolhardy to focus our attention on one disease alone instead of the overall impact of policy choices we make. When we do focus on one disease alone, we should certainly not focus on positive tests but rather on death and hospitalisation data.

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Examining Excess Deaths Reporting

10 min read There is a persistent narrative that South Africa’s official COVID-19 death tally is significantly undercounted because reported excess deaths are higher than the official COVID-19 death toll. It is time to dispel  the  three most prominent myths around South Africa’s excess death reporting.

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PandaCast | Why The WHO Was Wrong About Global Death Predictions

< 1 min read What is the Case Fatality Rate and the Infection Fatality Rate and how do they differ? Which data, published by the WHO, sent the world into Covid-19 lockdown and was that a reasonable choice? How accurate were governments’ models predicting COVID deaths in relation to actual deaths? PANDA explains CFR, IFR and takes a look at the current statistics for C-19 mortality.

Five reasons people stopped listening to Covid-19 modellers

9 min read Epidemiological modellers have made themselves irrelevant by producing work that failed to align with reality and they remain unrepentant in the face of overwhelming evidence of their failings. They made themselves irrelevant by choosing to support the hand that feeds them and allowing their work to be used to justify violations of our constitutional rights through illegal lockdowns that destroy lives and livelihoods on a daily basis.

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