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The Conservative Woman: Fearmongering, false narrative and profiteering – The truth about Covid

< 1 min read In a way not done before, Nick Hudson pulls everything together from changing World Health Organisation recommendations to masks making no difference; from suppression measures shifting the disease burden on to the vulnerable, through to unnecessary vaccine programmes. By following the data and official communications from global organisations, he unravels what transpired to lead us into deleterious lockdowns, which continue to have enormous negative impacts across the world.

Will the Truth on COVID Restrictions Really Prevail? – Scott Atlas

3 min read The consequences of the SARS2 coronavirus pandemic and its management have been enormous. Over 400,000 American deaths have been attributed to the virus; more will certainly follow.  Even after almost a year, the pandemic still paralyzes our country. Despite all efforts, there has been an undeniable failure to stop cases from rapidly escalating and preventing hospitalizations and death. 

Analysis: How Bad Is The Bug?

12 min read Assessing the lethality of SARS-CoV2 in spring 2020 by comparing the age distribution of deceased SARS-CoV2-positives with the age distribution of all deceased from the mortality register in Italy, Germany, France, Spain and England.

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