Considering jab mandates: Voluntary informed consent and mass population Covid-19 vaccination | Elizabeth Hart

Liberal democracies were turned upside down to "protect health services". Billions were forced to accept the Covid injections. How were mandates allowed? How could the medical profession forsake their legal and ethical obligations?

Billions of people around the world were (and in some cases still are) being pressed to have Covid-19 vaccinations, against a disease it was known from the beginning wasn’t a serious threat to most people. In many countries, including Australia, people have been subjected to Covid-19 vaccine mandates. How could this happen? How could the medical profession cooperate with mandated vaccination? How could they forsake their legal and ethical obligation to obtain voluntary informed consent, as underpinned by Rogers v Whitaker for example?

Elizabeth Hart is an independent researcher investigating vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy. Elizabeth is challenging the increasing number of questionable vaccine products and repeat vaccinations being foisted upon children, adults and animals by the burgeoning and unfettered vaccine industry. This situation is coming to a head now with the grossly disproportionate and ill-targeted Covid-19 response, with the entire global population being lined up for repeated Covid vaccination, against a disease it was known from the beginning wasn’t a serious threat to most people. Elizabeth has a degree majoring in politics and philosophy. Her interest in vaccination was initiated after she discovered companion animals were being unnecessarily revaccinated every year, and needlessly subjected to the risk of an adverse reaction to vaccination. Her experience in investigating vaccination of pets is informing her investigation into lucrative vaccination of people, as there are interesting comparisons to be made.

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